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16 Takedown Hacks

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017 09:47PM PST

Team Admin/Management

  1. Add a favorite fan or wrestler photo as your team logo. It'll show up in reports and on the scoreboard.  You can change your team logo any time.
  2. Use equipment tracking to keep tabs on...anything. The app doesn't know what you're tracking. So, instead of tracking "Hair Covers", use that space to manage, say, "Away Singlets."
  3. Add your team ranking to your team name, e.g. "Washington High School (#4 AAA)". It'll show up in reports and the scoreboard. Change it as often as you like. 
  4. Text or email your staff and wrestlers from within the app.  This isn't a hack, but it's fun.

Events and Scoring

  1. Clear all Pairings prior to starting a dual meet by changing the weight class set and then changing it back to the original weight class set. 


  1. Text your reports. Not a hack, but fun.
  2. Share the Roster report in CSV format and import it into your favorite contact management program.
  3. Share you Schedule report in CSV format and import it into your favorite calendaring program.

Live Results

  1. Before each match start, double tap the match clock to send a match start post to Twitter and to post the upcoming match as "In Progress" in Takedown LIVE. Adjust the match clock if your double tap wasn't quick enough to keep the clock from counting down.
  2. Automatically post live results to a follower's account by adding their Twitter handle to Optional Hashtag. For example, the custom hashtag "gocats @KSontheMat" will add "#gocats @KSontheMat" to your tweet.
  3. Put an emoji (or two) in your custom hashtag.  Change it as many times as you want.
  4. Put an emoji (or two) in your Broadcast As name for Takedown LIVE
  5. Broadcast your Scoreboard or Scoring view to Youtube Live. Install AirServer on a PC or Mac on the same WiFi network as Takedown Scoring and Stats. Enable AirPlay on your iPad, select the AirServer program (AirServer looks like and AppleTV to the iPad).  On AirServer, select the Stream to Youtube Live option.
  6. Broadcast Takedown LIVE to Youtube Live.  Same as #16, substitute Takedown LIVE for Takedown Scoring and Stats.


  1.  To get the wrestler record correct for the scoreboard, create a dummy dual meet and score as many win/lose exhibition matches as necessary for that wrestler to bring their record up to date. When you create reports, disable "Include Exhibitions" to keep your stats straight.
  2. Install a remote scoreboard in the coach's room or refreshment area of your event. Connect a Takedown LIVE enabled iPad to a flat panel TV using an Apple AV Adapter and HDMI cable.  Use a long cable so you can keep your device in a safe and secure location.
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