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Dual Tournament -- Scoring When Neither Team is "My Team"

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2018 10:08PM PST
User question

We're using the iPad for a scoreboard and its a a quad meet. How 
do I keep score when my team isn't on the mat?


t's possible and here are some ideas, all of which we've used at one time
or another. This is standing Takedown on its head as the app's DNA is
entirely single-team focused.

I assume you're aware of the Apple bug that breaks the Takedown Scoreboard
when running iOS 11 *and *using the Apple AV adapter.

If you want to maintain the integrity of your team stats, then
the easiest way to do this is to create separate Season for two of the
other Teams and import each of these Seasons into a fresh installation to
score each dual. With this approach, you're essentially doing three
separate team installations from scratch. The upside is that this approach
allows you to do most of the work in advance making the event less

Starting with the your own school's installation, the configuration steps are

1. Download Opponent Teams as needed (or import if using that feature)
2. Schedule the duals
3. Add logos, pairings, etc., as needed
4. Add Twitter, Takedown LIVE credentials as needed
5. Edit your Season name so that it includes the My Team name, e.g.
"2016 - 2017 Washington HS"
6. Share Season to a location that's accessible during the event
7. Verify #5 worked properly
8. Delete Takedown from the iPad
9. Download Takedown from the App Store
10. If no next team to setup, then stop
11. Launch and configure Takedown for next team
12. Download Roster (or import if using that feature)
13. Go to #1

The use steps are:

1. Delete Takedown
2. Download Takedown from App Store
3. Install for desired team
4. Import appropriate Season
5. Configure the Event as needed
6. Score Event
7. Share Season to an accessible location
8. Got to #1

This workflow will generate the best content for the Scoreboard, Twitter
and Takedown LIVE. It also doesn't pollute your own team's statistics.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can simply dump every single
competitor into Roster and configure My Team as "Green". Likewise, create
an Opponent Team with every competitor and call it "Red." Add generic
logos, maybe just a green and red background for "Green" and "Red",
respectively. Other than the competitor lists being really long, this
configuration will work for each of the six possible dual meets without
deleting, re-installing, etc., outlined above. The statistics may or may
not be useful to you -- from Takedown's perspective it's a single team
installation and the statistics are calculating as such.

A slight improvement on this last approach is to change the "Green" and
"Red" team names to the correct names at the beginning of every dual and
adjust the logos, too. This will give you a more informative Scoreboard
presentation. Stats will not change -- still one big team. Has the
downside of requiring some detailed reconfiguration on-the-fly and you'd
really need to be comfortable with the workflow.
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