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Use your iPad as a Wireless Video Camera Source for OBS

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2018 02:10PM PST
With the right tools, an iPad or iPhone can easily be a wireless video recorder for streaming (and recording) live wrestling matches.  What you'll need:
  1. PC running OBS Studio (free)
  2. PC running AirServer (free trial, $10 thereafter)
  3. iPad running iOS 9 or better
  4. PC and iPad connected to the same Wifi network
In AirServer Settings, enable AirPlay:

On your iPad, enable AirPlay:

Now, whatever is on your iPad screen will appear on your PC running AirServer:

Launch OBS and add the AirServer window as a Source:

On your iPad (or iPhone), launch the Apple Camera app and begin recording video.  Your video will appear in OBS (via Airplay and AirServer) where you can add Takedown Scoring Graphics, record and stream the results.

Integrating Takedown LIVE as a Video Overlay

Some school networks are configured such that Takedown's scoring graphics never show up in OBS. This isn't a Takedown or OBS issue, it's a network issue (easily fixed by the networking staff). If you run into this problem, a nice alternative is using Takedown LIVE as the source for your scoring overlay in OBS.  It isn't a pretty as Takedown's scoring graphics, but it does the job (and always gets through the local wifi network).

You'll need another iOS device as the Takedown LIVE source.  An iPad Mini is fine and an iPhone in landscape mode can work, too.

Go to AirServer Settings, Mirroring and turn on "Side-by-Side Mirroring."  On your Takedown LIVE mobile device, turn on AIrPlay, launch Takedown LIVE, follow your team and go to Scores.

Back to OBS, add the same Windows Capture source again.  The same source can be used multiple times in an OBS Scene. In the image below, the OBS Source called Window Capture is AirServer's Side-by-Side Mirroring window and it appears twice in the Source list.  One source will be resized and cropped to show only the Takedown LIVE in-progress match. The other source will be resized and cropped to show only the match video.

Here are the two OBS Sources cropped and resized. I used an archived Takedown match, but you'll want the In Progress match.  Also, the video obviously isn't a wrestling match.

Now, compose these two sources to your liking and there you have it, live match video with a real-time scoring graphic derived from Takedown LIVE

Stream and record to suit your needs.



  • All devices must be on the same Wifi network
  • Turn off cellular data
  • If your iOS camera or Takedown LIVE device goes to "Sleep", you'll probably need to re-enable Airplay.  Best option is to turn off "Auto-Lock" in iOS Settings, General, Auto-Lock, Never during the recording.
  • Cropping in OBS requires depressing the "Alt" key on PC.

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